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Our range of Solar Lighting Products from Sun King is of the highest calibre, which ensures a sustainable, affordable product range. The products are designed to illuminate areas which need proper lighting.

The products can be used for business and commercial. Sun King Products are designed to absorb the sun effectively, with a longer lifespan than other similar devices.

Whatever your job requires, the Solar Lighting Products from Sun King will be able to light the path for you. This is important for safety, the ability to work productively in dark spaces, during the night or during power outages.

As our motto says, “Just What You Wanted”.

Our Solar Lighting Products Distribution

We take pride in being able to call ourselves your Solar Lighting Products distribution company. As a dedicated supplier of pumps, solar lighting and water filtration products, we constantly strive for success. When you partner with us, our guarantee is that we will provide an efficient supply service to you.

Warthog Agencies ensures that our service of Solar Lighting Products distribution is as effective as it can be.
Solar Power for light, life and adventure. Over 2 billion people around the world live off the reliable electric grid. Our tireless sales agents will help you get our low cost Sun King Solar devices to off grid families in need so they can live safer, brighter and more productive lives.

Sun King brightens up your Home and Business.

We have handpicked each product which is available on our website, all with streamlined applications. This guarantees that the products are of the highest quality. They will improve the standard of your business.

Our quality products in the field ensures that you will be able to work for longer periods of time. The best products have more to give for longer periods, which allows for boosted productivity.

Thank You For Choosing Warthog Agencies

Thank you for choosing Warthog Agencies as your distributor of the best solar products. We hope that you are satisfied with our wholesale distribution service.

Your satisfaction highlights the hard work and dedication we put in. We work tirelessly in finding the highest quality products for you to choose from, while being able to supply these products efficiently.

Contact us today for more information on our products.


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