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  • 650mAh
  • 1 micro SD card slot
  • Digital display
  • MP3 player

The Sun King Radio is the gold standard in affordable, rechargeable, battery powered Radio & MP3 players. A digital radio and music player that provides non-stop entertainment that can be recharged using a standard USB phone charger. It can even be charged connecting it up to one of the other Sun King Solar LED solar lights which have a USB port for true off grid usage! Light weight and small enough to fit in your hand and pocket, listen to your favourite tunes with the built in headphone jack while on the go!




  • Camping / Hiking
  • Caravans
  • Power cuts / Load shedding
  • Listening to Radio/MP3s without draining your cell phone battery


Run time

  • One day of charing with a Sun King Solar product will give up to 3 hours of audio output

Battery & Power

  • 650mAh, 5V Lithium – Ion battery
  • While charging , the low & full battery icon on the display will flash
  • When finished charging the icon will stop flashing
  • If charging while off then there will be no display icon

Bright Digital Display

  • Enables viewing of song number in music mode and radio frequency in FM mode, as well as showing remaining battery power.
  • Digital Keypad

    • The Radio is fitted with a series of digital buttons. The user can select a folder and directly play a specific song number.

    Micro SD Card

    • Equipped with a micro SD card slot which supports Mp3 audio files
    • In built memory feature allow you to play audio files from where they were left off

    Folder Switching Option

    • Locate your favourite sons by switching between folders in the micro SD card.
    • Short press the folder button to switch to the next folder

    FM Radio

    • 76MHz – 108MHz frequency range with an internal atenna
    • Enjoy your favourite radio stations at the touch of a button by long pressing the folder button.
    • Save up to 9 channels
    • Short press the folder button to switch to the next folder

    Speaker / Ear Phone

    • Powerful 2.5W built-in speaker
    • Aux 3.5mm earphone jack
    • Volume adjustment up to level 32


    • Standard 2 year Sun King warranty


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