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  • 4″ GP Series
  • 4″ GS Series
  • 6″ GS Series
  • 8″ & 10″ GS Series
  • Control Boxes
  • Diesel Engine Pump GD – Series
  • Heavy Sewage Pumps GSH Series
  • Horizontal Multistage Pump GHS – Series
  • Light Waste Water Pumps GDL & GSL Series
  • Medium Drinage Pumps GDM Series
  • Medium Sewage Pumps GSM Series
  • Mini Waste Water Pumps GMS & GMP Series
  • Power Plus Submersible Pump
  • Submersible Flat Cable
  • Submersible Motors GL Series
  • Submersible Motors GR – Series
  • Submersible Motors GW Series
  • UPVC Pipes
  • Vertical Multistage GVS – Series

The Rest Of The Submersible Pumps And Motor Range

We supply a whole host of submersible pumps and motors for you to choose from. Our range is of a high quality aimed at the ability to enhance and improve your efficiency.

Browse through our products to find the systems which will benefit your business the most. If you find any products which you need more information on, feel free to contact us today.

Our Submersible pumps are designed to use lower levels of energy in order to move water through the pump.

Our submersible pumps and motors are designed to maintain the flow needed for the constant transportation of water.

As our motto says, “Just What You Wanted”.

We Are The Submersible Pumps and motors Distributors For You

We are proud to call ourselves your distribution company and are dedicated to providing your supply in the fastest time possible. Our partnership will benefit both your business and our business, as we improve on supply chain efficiency.

The focus for Warthog Agencies is to ensure that our service of wholesale distribution is as effective as it can be. The more streamlined we are, the quicker you get your pump products. This will ensure you can be as productive as possible.

Warthog Agencies has handpicked each product which is available on our website. This guarantees that the products are of a high quality, and will undoubtedly improve the standard of your production.

Thank You For Choosing Warthog Agencies

Thank you for choosing Warthog Agencies as your distributor of the best pumps, solar lighting and water filtration products. We hope that you are satisfied with our wholesale distribution service. Your satisfaction highlights the hard work and dedication we put in.

We work tirelessly and take pride in finding the highest quality products for you to choose from.

Contact us today for more information on our products. We can’t wait to start our relationship together.